By using small-scale production resources at the location where the biomass is located, we realize an economically viable production, with maximum flexibility, at the lowest possible cost.

Our approach is to set up several local production sites in Europe. Various biomasss are processed on these sites. This offers maximum flexibility, diversity and risk diversificatiilation, giving suppliers and customers a reliable partner to us.

Our goal is ‘for local communities and by local communities.’ This means that the production process is done by local people. End products are sold locally as much as possible. With this, we minimize transport movements in both supply and the outlet channel, which significantly minimizes the total ecological foot print.

The steps in the production process

1. Sieving

2. Drying

3. Pelleting

4. Wrap

are Current development

The short-term focus of ECO Valore is on the pelleting of sawdust, the waste from sawmills. Since the end of 2019, we have realized our first production site in Eastern Europe.

Wood pellets can be used as fuel in pellet stoves or as ground cover in stables. By the way, used stablepellets are very suitable for further processing to generate energy. As a result, maximum utilisation of availlable biomass takes place.

At the moment we are in the process of optimizing our production process in the field of drying. As a result, our final product meets the industrial standard DIN Plus and EN Plus A1 or A2. Our expectation is that the first delivery of certified pellets can take place in Q3 of 2020.

Further development

In addition to continuing current developments, important next steps have also been initiated in the implementation of our strategy.

This does not only mean a differentiation in the biomass that is processed into a high-quality end product. Steps are also being taken in the geographical distribution of supply and sales.

Alternative biomass

Over time, we will also start pelleting other raw materials, as long as they are waste products from existing processes. Think of coffee waste and fruit and vegetable waste, for an optimal circular ecosystem.

Distribution & Production

Building an effective distribution network and multiple production sites within Europe, where proximity to biomass and a possible saleschannel are important criteria.


What are pellets?

A pellet is a rod created by compressing material – or biomass – which creates a manageable and dosable form. Because pellets are pressed under high pressure, they have a higher energy value than a block of wood.

Are pellets really a viable alternative to fossil fuels?

Because fossil fuels – whether or not economically driven – become scarce, pellets are a very good alternative. In a European consumerdriven society with an increasing environmental view, more than enough biomass is available to achieve high availability.

Why are our pellets ecologically sound?

The reuse of waste streams – such as wood chips, sawdust and wood shavings – or waste streams – such as GFT waste or coffee grounds – prevents them from being lost. By using them as base materials for high-quality products, they are used usefully, which is positive for the environment and the economy.

By producing and delivering local available biomass, we reduce distribution movements, which minimizes the ecological footprint of our products.

Where is your production site?

We currently have production sites in Eastern Europe and Germany. Part of our strategy is to set up more production sites in Europe, close to available biomass.

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